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BETLUX, meaning Better lux in lighting. Go better and better, move forward, keep it vivid and powerful.
BetLux will support worldwide customer the quality LED component and lighting product, and help customer each other develop. LED field is hot and very energetic; it will be go ahead and especially new technology solved in power and reduce cost.

BetLuxs mission is provide customer high quality and innovative LED products, with perfect service.
Business and Pleasure is our philosophy, establish the friend relation with customer and meet their requirement.

We have professional LED engineer who worked in LED field nearly 8 years, and electronics engineer make solution for customer customized project and new item design. In our team you will be found there is Computer engineer who responsible website construction and maintenance, provide E-business solution, and provide B-B platform. Export department staff has good experience at LED selling and marketing over 3 years, and we will bring nice customer network.
BETLUX is ISO -9001 certificated manufacturer and products are RoHs complianced

BETLUXs LED component product line includes LED LAMPS, LED SEVEN SEGMENT DISPLAYS, DOT MATRIX DISPLAYS, LED LIGHT BAR, SMD LED, HIGH POWER LEDS, which have created great turnover and the confidence of our customers.
BETLUXs LED LIGHTING product line includes. LED cup light, LED strip light, LED back light, LED bulb light

BETLUX has created an environment that encourages teamwork and continuous improvement. We have an ongoing program of market research and new product development. Hence, in addition to the standard models, we will provide the new novalty LED products to our customer, and develop the customized products too.
State-of-the-art technological systems are employed, including automatic wire bonding, wafer dicing, die bonding, encapsulation, and bin sorting.
Marking significant growth patterns over the past years and the unprecedented future foreseen for LED products


Headquartered in NINGBO, CHINA, with partners worldwide, BETLUX is positioned to support multiple market locations and manage cost and sell throughout the world.

Customer service and quality are vital to BETLUX's continuous improvement goals. The constant evolution of LED technology provides an dynamic environment for new product development and BETLUX is dedicated to leading the way into the future with new and innovative products.

If your needs are for standard lighting products or custom applications, BETLUX is qualified to provide you with solutions based on sound engineering, quality manufacturing, competitive costs
OEM/ODM orders are also available.
LEDs(light emitting diodes) represent the most efficient source of lighting available today. And as LED technology advances daily, the possibilities for further worldwide applications are endless. From traffic lights to luminescent signage to home lighting, LEDs can, and are, replacing traditional lighting all over the globe. Incredibly long life. Energy efficient. Virtually unbreakable. Programmable. Versatile. Directional. These are just a few of the many benefits of the LED.

The Advantages of LEDs
* Energy Savings
* Extremely Long Life
* Durability (Shock and Vibration Resistant)
* Truer Color
* Programmability (Digital Lighting)
* Directional Lighting
* Improved Visibility
* Environmentally Friendly
* Low Heat

The Evolution of LEDs
Just a few years ago LEDs were used merely for indicator light applications. The advances in the technology have created a wide range of new applications and amazing new potential:
* Traffic Lights
* Backlighting
* Automotive Lighting
* Indoor and Outdoor Full Color Displays
* Emergency Lighting
* Illumination application
* Road Lighting
* Holiday Lighting


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