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Please do not form the LED after soldering .If forming id necessary ,it must be done before soldering .
Any unsuitable stress applied to the epoxy may break bonding wires in LED.

Soldering Bath ---2605 within 5 seconds: Soldering Iron-Under 30W within 5 seconds.(1.6mm from epoxy body)
Do not apply any force of mechanical stress onto the leads or epoxy body during soldering heat is remained.
If soldering one line of LED on a P.C . board by using a soldering iron ,don t solder both the leads of the LED at same time .

Use Alcohol ,Freon TE or Chlorosen to clean LED at normal temperature for less than l minute .
Do not use unspecified chemical liquid because it may cause crack or haze on the epoxy body.

In order to operate LED in stable condition , please put protective resistors in series.
Resistor value can be determined by the formula
Vs=Source Voltage
VF=Forward Voltage
If=Recommended Current of LED (10-20mA)

For the purpose of obtaining uniform brightness, LED shall be same current.
It is useful for uniform brightness if you use larger source voltage and protective resistor .


Cleaning cleaning led
  • Avoid using any unspecified chemical solvent to clean LED . For example, Trichloroethylene, Chlorosen, Acetone, and Diflon S3MC.
  • Any cleaning method can only be taken under normal temperature in one minute or less if it is required.
  • Alcohol is the one recommended for cleaning.

Forming forming led

  • Any forming on lead pin must be done before soldering, not during or after soldering.
  • Avoid applying any stress to resin in order to prevent the epoxy fracture and break on bonding wire.
    While forming, please use a tie bar cut or equivalent to hold or bend the pin.
  • 2mm from the base of resin is the minimum distance for the place bending the lead pin.
  • Avoid bending the lead pin at the same point twice or more.

Solderingsoldering led

  • Pin hole pitch on PCB must match lead pin pitch so as not to cause any stress on lead wires.
  • No stress can be applied to lead pins when they are heated, otherwise disconnection may occur.
  • Three minutes are necessary for LED to cool down to normal room temperature.


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