BETLUX is renowned as a leader in the field of high reliability seven segment display . We offer a wide rang of standard products in both single and multiple digit formats with character heights ranging from 6.2mm(0.25") to 508mm(20.0").
Industry standard pin-outs are offered on all types, with the recent addition of high performance blue and white display. optically matched bicolor versions to suit application from precision instrumentation to high volume consumer electronics. All segment led display are option bin coded for luminous intensity to ensure consistent illumination in multi digit applications and specific wavelengths can be offered to customer's requirement

Common anode or common cathode
Low Current Operation
Excellent Character Appearance
High Light Output
Easy Mounting On PC Boards or Sockets
IC Compatible
Multicolor Available
Categorized for Luminous Intensity
Mechanically Rugged
Stand: Gray Face, White Segment

Industrial Electronics:Temperature controllers;Test and measurement instrumentation.;Power converters;Home appliance displays;Automotive and avionics display;Fuel pump displays
Digital panel meters

Consumer Electronics:Cable set-top boxes;Electronics displays;Gaming machines;Point of sale Terminals;Answering machines;Exercise equipment;